What is Spinifex:

SPINIFEX is producing unique Australian beers developed and infused with Australian native bush flavor to make some of the most drinkable, flavorful and sophisticated beers you can hope to sample and love. There is no other beer that can be marketed as being truly made from local and traditional Australian produce byAboriginal people.

Who is Spinifex?

The SPINIFEX team consists of Noongar man Mick Little as the brewery’s Managing Director, John Gibbs,  Adam Barnard, Steve Jansen and Shareholder Tobi Barnard.  Noongar means, a person of the south-west of Western Australia, or the name for the ‘original inhabitants of the south-west of Western Australia’ and we are one of the largest Aboriginal cultural blocks in Australia.


Harris Organic Wines

Perth is home to Harris Organic wines & distillery in Swan Valley in Western Australia, who specialize in organic wine and gin, vodka and organic brandy. What is Harris Organic Wines: Part of our mission concerns reducing inputs to our vineyard and organic wines by not using artificial additives and chemicals.  In spirit production of organic brandy we use minimal artificial energy sources. For example we use a wood fired pot still and have an underground cellar for natural cool storage. While our organic brandy likewise matures in oak, and ultimately sealed in recyclable glass. We use very small amounts of grid electrical energy in producing a bottle of wine compared with the Australian average. We have a large amount of solar power excess to our needs. 

The other part of our philosophy is to produce the best vegan friendly Australian organic wine. Harris Organic produce chemical free vegan friendly organic wine & spirits, that are healthy and eco-friendly. To do this our certified organic vineyard is fed with composted manure and composed wood chips, instead of chemical fertilizers. Our organic wines, are not fined or filtered with animal additives that means they are vegan friendly. We are able to produce the only certified organic fortified wines in Australia, as we are self-sufficient in organic brandy spirit production.  Harris Organic Wines, celebrating over 20 years of Australian organic wine business. 


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